I started this blog to begin the process of opening up about things. I’ve been finding that writing this has helped me out in so many ways. I’m able to express myself with written words easier than word of mouth most of the time, so I’ve been finding I’m able to be a lot more open on here than if you were to talk to me face to face.

Originally this whole thing started as me talking about cutting, suicide and depression. These issues are near and dear to my heart, for many of my friends and peers have gone or are going through these things, and I too have experienced these things. I don’t want the sympathy, thats not why I began writing. I began to prove a point, that it’s  a deeper thing than someone seeking attention or what not.

As I continued writing on here, my subject matter has changed some. Yes when I started this blog I was a christian, yet I was in the middle of backsliding. Now, I’m still not 100%. But that’s ok. Now I want to share my experiences I’m having in my walk with Christ, to encourage people that it’s ok to have flaws. I know I do.

Yes, I still want to stick to the original agenda of the subjects that originally inspired this blog, but now I have the opportunity to mix my faith in with all of that. To tell people out there that just because you’re hurting, doesn’t mean that you’re alone in this.  The people in your life love you and are here for you, and so is God.


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