Living A Time Lapse Life

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

This morning I was walking around my neighborhood, enjoying the beautiful weather and finding myself spending time with God. It’s times like those where I’m at peace and relaxed that I can enter in to His presence so easily. It’s when the conversations between Him and I are most real and genuine and from the bottom of my heart.

My future with school, as most of you know has been probably the most heavy thing on my heart when it comes to prayer. Transferring and beginning a new chapter of my life with completely new people and friends has been the biggest focus of my life for the past few months. I’m almost done with my admissions essay and once I get my transcripts from high school, I’ll send the applications in and the rest is in Gods hands. Pretty intimidating and stressful stuff might  I add. Every day I find myself living for that future; that dream. And it wasn’t until this morning that it really hit me when God revealed to me that now is the time I need to be living for. This step in the process, of the dream, is what’s giving me vital tools for the future.

As we were discussing this, a vision of a time lapse came to me. If you’re not sure what exactly I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ve seen a music video or movie using this effect before. The vision I had involved this: I saw myself standing still, but everything around me was moving super fast and continuing that way. I heard God tell me this is the way I have been living my life lately.

Just waiting for the next chapter to begin when there’s more to be lived in the chapter I’m currently in now. I realized that, like always, He was right. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever been guilty of this.

When God reveals pieces of your own cause, it’s hard to not get caught up in the hype of it all. We can finally see a little glimpse into the future that’s going to happen and it’s super easy to lose sight of the cause you have right now in this very moment. It’s taken me time, but I’m finally comprehending the fact that every step is a learning and growing experience. Is looking to the future and being so amped and stoked for it a bad thing? Absolutely not. Just don’t let it become you’re main focus and spend all your energy on it, when there’s work to be done in the now times.

So, with this being said. I am sorry. I am sorry for not focusing and putting all the energy I have into the now times. It’s actually made me a little selfish, if I can be this transparent with you. I’ve seen opportunity as an advantage for my own life, and not realizing that it’s not about me at all. Can I gain from these opportunities? Of course I can. But when God opens doors for you, especially in serving others, it’s more for the people you’re helping out than for yourself.

I want to encourage you from now on out to focus on the now. God has His perfect plan for your life and each step of the way, no matter how dull it may seem to you, is for your growth and good. Take time to appreciate the now and the opportunities being opened for you in the present time. Once you do, you’ll realize how much God is blessing you in these times now.

Just food for thought:
Are YOU living a time lapsed life??


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