Why Do I..

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

You ask
Why do I dance?
Why do I sing?
Why do I jump around
Arms flailing
Like someone who is
In a manic state?
It’s because of Him.
Yes, this God that you hate
This God that you declared has sealed your fate
To that life of a 9-5, that lonely apartment
With that neighborhood with drive-by’s.
Your life where you need
All those pills, syringes
Coke binges galore.
Those nights where you try to remember before
All the pain and the hurt and those thoughts in your head.
The days before you thought about being dead.
So you throw a fist to the sky
And curse His Holy Name.
Yell and scream, try to place all the pain all the shame
On the One who loves.
Oh my child there’s freedom.
Yes this God.
The One you despise
Is the One who gives me that glimmer in my eye.
I worship Him because He is.
You see,
I was just like you.
Crawling and scratching
My way out of a pit
Only to realize
There’s more than one layer of it.
I’d yell and cry to God.
But I was so blind.
Thought my answers were found in suicide.
But He’s the God that saves,
Gave me new life
Paved a new way
For the child that was broken.
Now I worship in freedom.
Oh sweet surrender.
is why I dance.


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