Linus and His Security Blanket, Pt.2

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

In my last post, I discussed the idea of having a security blanket. Something that we hold onto that comforts us in our every day lives. It’s without a doubt that Linus was dependent on his blanket. Before I go any further on Linus’s blanket dependency, if you didn’t watch the video at the top of this post, please take the couple minutes to watch it.

Poor Linus, right? All the kid wanted was his blanket back! But going along with the main idea of having a security blanket, Linus was totally in like a state of shock without it. He was so used to it always being there, that once he gave it to Charlie Brown to hold onto for a bit, he didn’t really know what to do with himself.

If you read part 1 of this, you know what I’m talking about when I say security blanket. It can be anything we rely on to give us that secure feeling in life, besides God. Now, isn’t that what the Bible would call an idol? Yes. But for the illustration of this blog that I’ve been using (Linus and the Peanuts characters) I’m going to call them security blankets.

You saw Linus go visit Charlie Brown, and almost immediately after he saw Charlie (after regaining consciousness that is), he began harping on the fact that he was without his blanket. “I can’t go without it” he even cries to him. A little dramatic, but come on! All this kid ever knew was his blue blanket and once he gave up control of it to Charlie Brown, he was like a lost puppy. We tend to get the Linus syndrome when we place control of our security blankets in the hands of God. That thing that we no longer have in our hands, gave us all the comfort in the world, but then it’s gone. And you know we as humans start whining to God (just as Linus whined to Charlie) about how tough life is without our security blankets.

In that video, if we were to compare that situation to our lives and our relationship with God, Charlie Brown would be in the place of God. Now, I am not calling him God, please don’t think I’m blaspheming. I’m using a descriptive analogy to get my point across for this post. What did Linus do? The same thing any of us do when we give up something that is so near and dear to us. We complain and whine and get the “I can’t live without it” mindset. Now come on, it’s a blanket for heavens sake. Is it really that big of a deal to not have it? no. But like I said, it’s all Linus ever knew. The same goes for us. We get into these awful habits of always having something with us that brings us security, that when we give it to God and place Him in the place that was once filled by our own blanket, it’s a terrifying thing. The withdrawals set in, and we pretty much go to God and beg Him to let us have it back. Those first few months without it, feels like a completely different life is starting. Because it is.

God wants us running to Him and not these things that we’ve relied on. Now, some of you might be wondering, “well why can’t I still have my blanket and be fully relying on God? Why do I have to get rid of my blanket all together?” Think of it as a crutch. When you break your leg and can’t put pressure on the leg, you without a doubt use crutches to help you move along. But when your leg heals and you can go back to walking normally, you don’t continue to use the crutches right? Or think of it this way:

Before you were saved, you were broken. You had things in your life that you relied on to get you through the day or the trials you faced. These things held you up. But when by grace, God saved you, you got healed. Was it instantaneous? Maybe, but for the majority of us the healing comes with time. Your bones started becoming stronger because you were being healed and God was making you stronger. That trust in Him was being built, and He wants us to get to the point where we trust nothing but Him and His Word.

So of course there will come a time where He asks us to give up these things and trust in Him. Those first few weeks, months even, seem so scary and overwhelming. That’s where the “I can’t live without it” mentality tries to overtake us, but once you get past that, and put your full trust in God, life without the blanket is easier and even more comfortable than with it.




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