Linus and His Security Blanket.

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

For some odd reason, be it stress or my immature mindset, I keep thinking back to the classic Peanuts cartoon.

I wanna talk about my man Linus for a minute or two.

Linus is a pretty chill kid. He’s got a girl, although he’s not all too interested in Sally (ew cooties!) and the kid is wise well beyond his years. Don’t believe me? Go Youtube or Google the scene in the x-mas episode where he’s given the wicked sweet monologue about the meaning of Christmas. What child his age (btw, how old are they?) can even comprehend 1/4 of what he said? I know every time I watch it, there’s that moment where I pause and go, “What?!”
I gotta say, besides Schroeder, Linus is probably my favorite character in the Peanuts. The thing about Linus that I keep coming back to in my head, is his blanket.

Oh the ever so infamous blue baby blanket! Who could forget about it? He carried that thing everywhere with him. When his sister ragged on him for carrying it, he didn’t get rid of it or put it down; he continued to carry it with him with his head held high. I love that about him. Except for that one episode where he actually tried to get rid of the blanket, you never saw Linus without it.

To Linus, that blanket had so much meaning to his life. Memories were associated with it, and the blankets presence gave him comfort. That right there is what I keep coming back to over and over. All of us, I don’t care who you are, can relate to how Linus felt about his blanket.

Truth is, we all have something we just “have to have” with us. People might be constantly telling us that it’s time to put it down and move on. They’re the, to go along with the Peanuts theme I have going here, Lucy’s of our lives. They’ll just tell it straight to our faces whether we want to hear it or not! You think Linus really wanted to be hearing how childish his blanket was? No, I don’t think he did. Why am I talking about all this, might you be thinking? Well I’ll tell you.

Like I said, we all have something we hold onto well beyond what we should and for most of us, it’s emotional. These security blankets, give us just that; security. Most of the time, life is so unbalanced and not secure that it can be overwhelming and even scary. As you’re reading this, I’m sure that thing you turn to is popping in your head. You know exactly what I’m talking about here. Is having a security blanket a bad thing? of course not! Every person at one point or another had one. But think back at what I said earlier, about how Lucy would mock him for still carrying it with him. The blanket was at one time appropriate for Linus. He was young enough where having a blanket with him was acceptable. But as time went on, and Linus became more mature, grown up and people started expecting that sort of behavior from him, the blanket became less and less acceptable.

I can’t help but think about my relationship with God and how this so perfectly ties in with the Linus/blanket scenario. At one time in my life, there were things that I would look to for security. Whether it be my music, writing or anything else that would help me. I would use these things to place a sense of “everything’s going to be alright”, in me. But as I began growing in relationship with Jesus, I started noticing that those things that meant so much to me and gave me such a sense of stability and security were becoming less and less acceptable. Now am I saying that listening to music or writing isn’t acceptable? Of course not, if I were then I’d be contradicting everything I’ve ever done with writing or music! But what I am saying is that those things, like a blanket does, covered something.

I hate to use such a word as idolatry, it’s one of those words people shake their heads at and associate it with wooden idols or what have you. But it’s really not as obvious as you might be thinking. I’ve spoken on this in the past, but I feel as if though it really fits in with this post. An idol is really anything we place in front of God in our lives. So yes, even these so called security blankets can be turned into an idol if we look to that for security before God. Just something to think about.

Linus is the man and all, but unlike him, learn when it’s time to let go of the security blankets we once looked to for comfort and instead turn to God.

  1. tonyb says:

    Speaking of “wise beyond your years…” You have done it again. Some people go their whole lives and don’t realize what their “security blanket” is. Right away people think about “things.” For some it’s friends, others drugs. But for some there is almost an emotional security blanket. Ecer known someone who always seems to have some kind of drama going on? I have an Aunt like this…unless she’s in the hospital, sick or in the middle of someone else’s sickness or death, she’s not happy. Not that the thing itself makes her happy, but she seems to thrive on that kind of drama. I guess we all do it to some degree, that’s why most of us instinctively love gossip.
    Like you said not all security blankets are bad, only if they take away from the living of our lives and our relationships with people and more importantly, God.
    oh,man Jess, you got my thinking about this one….and it’s only 5am…..soul searching should not take place before 7…

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