Why do YOU worship God?

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Church, God, Jesus, Worship

I’ve really been reflecting on my relationship with God the past week or so. With a lot of craziness going on, I’ve really been feeling drained, and honestly, been feeling anything but close to God. I find myself crying out to Him, wondering where He is in the midst of all this. When I face trials, I tend to feel disconnected from God, and it takes all that’s in me to remind myself why I’m in relationship with Him in the first place.

The Reason: I cannot do this life without Him. I’d be lost and have no purpose.
Something I found out the hard way.

This has been on my mind, in relation with the younger generation, and even still my generation. Actually, this can apply to anyone really.

  • I look around and see young people attending church every weekend, yet it’s not for them. They grew up in the church, they’re following their parents religion and their parents faith in God. Not their own.
  • Or those that love God, and I mean genuinely love God, because of what He has done. I’d have to say, I fit into this category perfectly. He’s provided so much for me in my life and has set me free from so many things, how could I not love my Saviour? I constantly think of all He’s done for me, especially when times are hard, and it keeps me humble in my faith. It makes me want to go to Him and just abandon myself before Him.
  • Then are those who love God, because He is God. Man, I wish I could place myself in that category. There’s no reason they’re worshiping Him and serving Him, besides the fact that He is God.

So just think about this sometime, why do YOU worship God?


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