Saturday Night Prayer.

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Something simply incredible and super natural happened last night as we as a Church body gathered together in corporate prayer. It was one of those nights that you couldn’t doubt that God was moving in His people, healing, touching lives and getting people stirred up to face the coming year. People began stepping out of their comfort zones and into the place God had been calling them. Unity in the body of Christ. I prayed for people, people I usually don’t even talk to when it comes to a Sunday morning. Genuine prayers were being shouted and declared last night. People were healed of back and neck pains. Gods comfort was just covering us all as we stayed and worshiped Him, simply because He is. Some people faced loss this week, yet they came out. God used His people to comfort those who were mourning, His presence simply surrounding us.

It didn’t feel like church last night. In fact, it didn’t feel like church this whole week we came together for prayer. Those groups of friends that we stick to, our comfort zones, we broke out of. It was a fresh start. I met people I never knew this week, people I’ve seen time and time again but never introduced myself to. I don’t know what God did, but He did something outstanding none the less.


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