Over Glorifying Christianity

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Church, God, Jesus, Life, thoughts

I think a lot of times as believers and followers of Christ, we get it wrong. We have the worlds mindset when it comes to our own lives and how they should be because we are Christians. We take the living righteous thing a little too far, that sometimes we’re harder on ourselves than God is. Yes, God sees our faults and shortcomings, yet He sees what sometimes we block out because of conviction; our strengths.

We over glorify the “perfection” that we all think we have to be in order to have a close relationship with Him. We treat God like His relationship with us is made differently than how we come into relationship with others. Do you see down falls in your self in worldly relationships? Yes probably. Do you beat the crap out of yourself mentally and walk away from them when you screw up, by either saying or doing something you know you shouldn’t? No of course not. Then, why do we do that to God?

We tend to over think it with Him. You can read things in the Bible that flat out say what it’s meant to say, and some people twist it around and make it something completely different. Not cool, not cool.

And when some folks pray? They mimic a lot of how other people sound and talk to God. God likes real and genuine prayer. If you’re praying and when you get done, you have no idea what some of the words you say even meant, simplify it. God honors the simple prayers. They come from our heart.

Just because we’re followers of Christ, doesn’t make us this over spiritual person. Be yourself and keep it simple. Don’t over glorify your faith.


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