Peer Pressure and it’s Effect On Faith

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s said time and time again in Pastors sermons all over the world. They preach this really great message and get the congregation all fired up for not being ashamed of their faith and to declare that they’re a Christian. Then, they leave, go back to their group of friends and no where in the time they hang out with them, do they ever mention the fact that they’re living for Jesus. Kind of strange right?

Peer pressure doesn’t just affect kids, although most people think it’s only happening in kids aged 4- 18. The simple fact is that it’s simply not true. Peer pressure, I’ve been finding, is a continuous issue through out our lives.You go to this really powerful Christian conference, then once you’re home you’re  back in that environment where loving God and living a life solely for Him isn’t the “cool thing” to do.

Our friends who don’t know Jesus, who we are called to disciple them to Christ, are the ones where the “Christian us” is lost. We get shameful of our faith because it’s not the cool thing to be in that group of friends. So we act differently when we’re around them. We swear more maybe, talk about going to parties and getting drunk or whatever it is you talk about with your friends. We tend to go back to the version of ourselves, before we asked Jesus to enter our heart and be the Lord and Saviour of our lives.

You might not think so, but that my friends is a form of peer pressure. And for whatever reason, we allow it to distract us from being the Christian the world needs us to be 24/7.

I’ve been guilty of it. Ask any of my friends who don’t know Jesus as their Saviour and they’ll tell you I’ve used the wrong type of language. I’m not denying it. But I will say, when I get home the conviction sets in. God will ask “Jess, why’d you have to use that type of language” and you know what my response is? “Well, they’ll look at me differently and as the ‘Jesus friend’ if I have a squeaky clean vocabulary”

Isn’t that just stupid? We change for our friends?

But even more so lately, I’ve been changing. Now when I hang out with my friends outside of the church, I don’t use curse words; and I’ll tell you what, they don’t look at me any differently! True story.

It’s something the enemy plants in our minds; to think that our friends will judge us because we’re living a life solely for Christ. It’s a rediculous lie, yet we buy it almost every time the idea is pitched to us.

Now’s the time though. Even if some people think we’re weird, we shouldn’t let it bother us. We need to remember what the Bible says about who we are. Remember what God says about us, and about transforming to meet the ways of the world (James 4:4).

The world today, needs us so desperately to be the people God wants us to be. So next time you’re hanging out with friends who have known you forever and even before you accepted Jesus, don’t sensor who you’ve become in Christ for them. Show them how you’re changing, don’t be ashamed of who you are in Christ just because you’re afraid of what you’re friends will think. If they’re true friends, they’ll accept you for who you are and because they love you.


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