Posted: October 16, 2010 in Church, Do SOMETHING, God, Jesus, Life, Serving

I never wanted to be a leader. In fact, the thought of leading a group of people in anything scares me to death. Not that I am afraid of messing up something in them, but just the simple fact that leading people means talking infront of them. Well, God is pushing me into a leadership role; well of course He is right? it’s outside of my comfort zone completely!

This past Wednesday, I had the advantage of actually leading my first connect group. I am an assistant leader, which means most time I just site there, listening. Not this time; I talked!

Any ways, once I began speaking, I started feeling like I belonged doing this. I never felt comfortable speaking to people; especially when the attention is all on me. But like I said, it felt natural. I wasn’t afraid, and I felt like I found something that was especially made for me. Kind of cool.

Who woulda guessed it. Me, a leader? oh shoot!!

Well, just wanted to share. peace out girl scouts!!!!!!! 😀

  1. Word, sista. So proud of you. You ROCK.

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