Posted: May 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

I used to think I knew what being free was all about, I was wrong. I thought once I got saved again after I had backslid was the end of all my struggles and what not, I was wrong. Yes, I thought I had received true freedom from God, but I hadn’t.

I was still fighting the temptations of the world and my fleshly desires. I’d rather drink and do harmful things to myself than be in a relationship with Christ most of the time.

I didn’t realize it until Sunday afternoon when I was reflecting on the life I had just left in the past when I got baptized, that I had never known true and genuine freedom before.  I had chains I was refusing to let go of, for fear of having absolutely no control. God broke that chain. I was afraid to trust God in EVERY AREA of my life. God broke that chain.

Through the power of getting baptized I have been set free from so much in my life. I heard God so clearly say to me when I was sitting in my chair watching those who signed up get baptized, “I’m going to break chains off of you.” I wanted freedom that morning, and I took a giant leap and trusted God.

Trust and control were two of the BIGGEST set backs I had from meeting with God on an even greater level. I got home Sunday and spent some time with Him, I was able to without a second guess tell Him I trusted Him with my life and I give up complete control to Him. For those of you who know me, you know that’s a huge step for me.

Now everything seems so different, clearer somehow. That haze has been taken away, I see the world for the beauty it has now. It’s almost like I have Gods eyes, if that makes sense. The trees and plants around me seem so much greener, the sky is more blue, the moon and sun brighter, the stars more abundant and brighter, my bed more comfortable, my job a whole lot less stressful, everything is just better. That heaviness I used to feel day after day of not being loved and accepted is gone. Thoughts and actions I was going to put into affect no longer burden me.

I feel new.
I feel free.


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