Do More

Posted: March 21, 2010 in God, Life, thoughts

Lately I’ve been having this feeling inside my heart as I lay my head down at night, that what I’m doing in life just isn’t enough. I’m barely hanging onto my relationship with God, and I’m starting to feel that pull on my soul once more.

It can’t be just me though. We all can do more in this life. We step into our comfort zones and out of fear of the unknown, we stay there.

Our Pastor preached this morning about something like that and it so spoke to me. I’ve been feeling God pulling me out of my comfort zone in my life. I, not too long ago, decided I wasn’t going to do what He wanted me to do in my life. I’m in the midst of losing that battle.

A while ago I had a plan to go out to the LA Dream Center and serve in their Internship program for a year. A couple months ago, I began to tell myself that I wasn’t going. I began feeling like I was making a huge mistake and that when I got to the end of this life, I’d get to Heaven and have God ask me why I ignored the call out to LA in my life.

That feeling of being even more empty and not living a life of worth for God, hit me hard. Now, I want to do MORE.

More for Gods Kingdom
More for those who I know are hurting.
More for my friends and family who are far from God.

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and have a mile long list of “what ifs”

I want to live to make a difference, like I’ve said so many times before on here. Now all I have to do is put it into action and GO


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