2 Doors, 2 Different Routes Of Escape.

Posted: March 14, 2010 in God, Life, overcoming, thoughts

Whenever we are faced with a situation that is bigger than us, we are given two routes of escape; 2 solutions we must then wisely choose from. One door the devil opens and offers us worldly things that seemingly make whatever thing we are facing better. Whatever he throws our way as a door of escape, only masks whatever thing we’re struggling with. In the long run this option actually ends up hurting us more than we could have thought possible. That’s the devils scheme though, to bring us down and out of the game.

God also gives us a route of escape, an open door that wasn’t necessarily there before, but now is so clear. This escape plan is meant for us to take and to use fully. It won’t hurt us in the long run like that escape plan of the enemy. God has our best intentions at heart.

I find it funny, not in the humorous way though, that when we are given those escape routes we more than likely choose the door Satan has placed in our way. I’ve been finding this on my heart lately, and it only escalated sa I thought about it more.

Why do we as Christians who love God with all of our heart, choose the door the devil has opened for us instead of that door presented to us by God?

I’d like to declare that I’ve been finding myself standing in front of such doors recently. Satan wants us to fall short, and he uses temptation to make us fall, at least for me he does. I’m not perfect, actually once you get to know me you’ll see I fall short in a lot of areas in my walk with Him. Temptation is such a powerful, controlling thing to face; it makes it that much harder to face when those temptations you face, offer a momentary solution to your problems.

Some peoples doors that Satan opens are: drinking alcohol (getting drunk), drugs, sex or other ways that temporarily relieve the pain we feel. Even Jesus was tempted by Satan, not with the things I’ve mentioned above but He was still tempted by Satan. I can’t remember exactly where it says in this in the Bible, but if I’m remember correctly it says something to the effect that the devil lurks in the shadows.

I’m facing some things, not saying specifics, that I have become desperate for an escape from. I’ve seen the doors that Satan has opened for me, and honestly I’ve taken some of those escapes. It sucks though, once Satan feeds you his escape plan and gives you that temporary relief, he makes you feel ashamed and guilt ridden. He turns everything he JUST gave you, back on yourself.

I’ve also seen God open doors for me as my escape. I’m not sure if it’s just me or if others face this feeling too but when He, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, gives me an option I find myself scared to take it. I still struggle with wanting what the world has to offer me and choosing to turn towards what God has for me. But I can say that when I’m obedient and trusting in God, that option of escape He offered to me is the better way. When you choose Gods way, the outcome is so much better and not at all condemning on yourself, as opposed to the way of Satans plan.

If you’ve chosen Satan’s way time and time again and are feeling so down on yourself, repent and give all back to God. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Matthew 11:28 says: Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.

Next time you find yourself standing in front of those doors, making that choice of what door to open, remember that Gods way is the best way. Forget about the past mistakes of taking Satan’s way and feeling condemned and like a failure to God. We all fall short of who we’re meant to be in Christ. Romans 3:10 states- “There is no one righteous, not even one”, yet God sent His Son down on this Earth to die for all of us so that when these times happen, we CAN be forgiven.

So choose Gods door, and ignore and reject the devils option of escape.


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