Posted: January 19, 2010 in God, Life

I haven’t really had anything that important to say lately, so I have been lacking on the blog lately.

I know I always talk about rough topics on here, but I just want to talk about something a little less depressing tonight.

Things have been ridiculously great with me lately. It’s strange too. I kind of feel like I’m living in another dimension, I’m not used to feeling this light and free in my life. I could say that it’s all thanks to this certain thing or that, but I know that it’s all in thanks to God.

Here’s something new I’ve been doing. Everyday I’ve been spending time in the Word and just having quiet time with God. It’s really one of the best things I could have started doing for myself. I’m not too sure if this is going to come out right, but here it goes. I pick up my bible and read, and I can just feel Gods love begin to enter in to me. His word, isn’t just a book to me, it’s THE book. He’s been leading me to books in it, that are so relative to where I am in life now. I started reading Ecclesiastes yesterday, and just wow. Solomons words in that are so amazing, how all his worldly riches mean absolutely nothing without God. He had all the worldly possessions he could dream about, yet he keeps repeating that it’s all meaningless. That really spoke to me strongly. I’m still what you would consider a “baby christian”, as I just refound my faith in Him a month or two ago. I’l be honest, I look at those unsaved friends I have and all the “freedom” they seem to have, and I find a part of myself jealous of that. They don’t find themselves becoming convicted by themselves after they drink or go to a party. I know I’m headed down a better road with God than without Him though.

I’ve traveled down the wide road before, and I was never more miserable than then. I actually never felt more lost than that time.

Including the time digging into His Word, I’ve been doing a lot of time praying. I’ve never experienced prayer like this before though. It’s so amazing. It’s like I’m entering into a whole new realm of prayer. Everything in my world goes still, quiet and peaceful. Every. single. time. Such an overwhelming sense of His grace and presence. I’ve been finding myself just crying out Him for more, just more of Him. More of everything.

He’s the greatest thing I’ve ever had happen to me. The feeling you get when you have Him standing in the same room as you, is greater than any drug you can ever get high from, greater than any buzz or effect from alcohol you’ll ever get. When you get high or drunk, the effects last no longer than a day, but Gods presence flowing in you and surrounding you is so much better.

Jesus, is my anti drug.

  1. SERVIE GIRL says:

    Im so PROUD of you!!! Reading this gave me so much HAPPINESS for you & has inspired me to get deeper into his word … I struggle with this, But LOVE being in his Presence , I’m just not setting the time out for me to sit quietly before him .. I listen to music, but to be honest thats the only thing that is filling me right now & keeping me filled up just enough …. I’m trying not to get down on myself about this , I feel so lost @ times & dont kno where to start, I used to read & pray all the time .. thats what gets me down … how did it all get away from me …. I know its the past ,& the enemy is trying to bring condemnation on me about this & I keep ingoring him .. I know God is Not upset with me & is Longing to be with me … I jus want to get outta this PIT!! … Keep me in prayer about this & THANK YOU for the Blogs you write I LOVE THEM!!! & LOVE YOU!!

    Your Number one fan besides Jesus
    Servie Girl :o)

    • Jessica S says:

      Absolutely I’ll keep you in prayer for this! U kno I got yo back girl!!!!!!! ❤
      Music is a GREAT thing to use to enter in to His presence…. I know it definitely is the FIRST thing I go to most of the time. You'll soooo get outta this lil "pit" ur in right now… even if I gotta pull ya out myself LOL…. Love you SOOOOOO stinkin much!!!! and it really means alot to me ur so open and honest.. makes me happy n feel loved 😀 .. ❤

      • SERVIE GIRL says:

        Thank you for the prayers !!! Its so funny to me that I think No one prays for me .. I think this all the time,for some reason … But in having you telling me that God has been putting me on your heart to pray for me has made me rethink this, I have experenced God’s Love yet again thru this … that he thinks enough of me to tell others to pray for ME!!! CRAZY to me!!! But a Good feeling to know that he does this for me … Thank YOU for ALL your SUPPORT!!! Btw … Happy that you had a Very good day back to work!! God is GOOD & Has you in the Palm of HIS HANDS!!!! LOVE YOU CRAZY GOOD!! :o)

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