Week Of Prayer And Fasting.

Posted: January 14, 2010 in God, Life, thoughts

Sunday after service our church kicked off a week of prayer and fasting. Each night we gahter as a church and pray for what God is going to do in us, the church and the surrounding community in 2010.

It’s been so amazing so far. I’ve been connecting with Him and feeling such a strong sense of His presence. It’s kind of mind blowing actually. I’m not too sure what it is, but something is clicking; finally. Last year I spent the prayer services being so unfocused and feeling like I was wasting my time calling out to God. This year, it’s like a whole new world I’ve never experienced before. I no longer feel like I’m talking to air, that He’s actually there and listening to me; and He’s talking back!

That’s the best part. I heard His voice. I’m not used to hearing the voice of God speak to me. Usually because I can’t get my mind quiet enough. Lately I’ve been feeling a stillness and quietness as I pray. Like nobody else is there, just me and God. It’s pretty cool!

So far the week of prayer and fasting is going great! Maybe it’s a sign of how 2010 is going to be!

Praise God!


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