3 Weeks Later.

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Life, overcoming, self injury

I was looking at my calendar this morning when I realized something. I don’t really focus on this sort of thing any more, I figure if I keep track of the days, it’ll only trigger something in me and I’ll end up slipping again.

But today marks a huge accomplishment for myself.

Today makes it a total of three weeks since I last self injured. For those of you who struggle with it, you know how big of an accomplishment making it this long is. I don’t say this to gain any sort of praise fro myself, because I don’t deserve it. All the praise for my success of making it this long is all to God. He saved me from myself and I know if it wasn’t for Him, these three weeks of freedom wouldn’t exsist.

I write this to hopefully give someone readign this hope. A hope of being set free from the weight of something like this as well. I never thought I’d be free from this to be honest. I thought it would be the thing to kill me, then again I was so far down in a rut at that time. God, thankfully, pulled me out and showed me His love and the way my life is meant to be.

That’s all I want this blog to be; hope. I pray that you folks reading this don’t find these entries as me attempting to gain some sort of sympathy vote, attention or bragging about the things I’ve been through. It’s not that at all. It wasn’t my intention and I apologize if some of you feel that way. I’m using this blog to open myself up more, to be more vulnerable and talk about issues that most can’t.

If any of you are struggling with SI, I hope you take one thing away from this. If I could make it three weeks, there’s a hope for you as well. I know you’re probably thinking, well that’s you I’m not as strong as you. Well that’s not true at all. I’m weak, but with Gods strength I can succeed.


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