Happy New Year.

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

It is now officially 2010. I look back on the person I was only a year ago today, and it astonishes me at how much I changed. I never realized that I changed that much, till I reflected on the past year. It was such a roller coaster ride, 2009 was. But I’m thankful for all of it, because it just made me a stronger person on the inside.

The week of fasting and prayer is coming up and I’m looking forward to it. Last year was my first time being a part of something like that. I wasn’t sure how to take it, I didn’t understand fasting and I spent the prayer time the church had, talking to my friends than actually talking to God. I was a mess I guess you could say. It’s funny, the week of fasting  and prayer is meant to bring us closer to God, yet last year it actually drove me away from Him.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was being persuaded by the voice of the enemy at that time. I heard him tell me, quite clearly actually, that God wasn’t for, that He wouldn’t love me and accept me anymore, that I was wasting my time calling out to Him. The really stupid part was, I was so naive that I believed it.

Last year I got turned around by the devils lies. I couldn’t tell the differnce between His voice and the lies the enemy was feeding me. I know it probably sounds like an excuse or something, but last year was such a time of discouragement in my walk with Him.

This year is a new year for me. I am set free from the things the enemy could use against me to hold me down. As this new year proceeds I plan on living it for nobody else but God. I know things will be thrown my way to test my faith, either tests from God or attacks from the enemy. Yet I plan on doing the right thing instead of the wrong thing. This time, I won’t sin by walking away from God and blaming Him for the things that might happen; instead I’ll use that as such a great opportunity to press deeper into my faith.

It’s a new Year and I’m genuinely excited to see what great things God will do in my life this year!


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