Posted: December 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

My friends mean the world to me. I love them all and would do anything for them to be happy. I try to be to them the type of friend I myself am looking for in people. The type of person who ACTUALLY cares about you when you’re going through a tough time in life, the “shoulder to cry on” type person, the person who is real with you no matter what, the type of person who doesn’t stab you in the back or leave you alone because you got in a fight. I try to be the friend everyone can turn to in a trying time.

Some people search a lifetime to find those type of people. Real people.

I’m a solid believer that everything in this life happens for a reason. That God places people in your life at certain moments of time. The RIGHT type of people. I’ve lost my best friend in my life. She meant a lot to me, that person in my life I could be open and honest with. We got into a huge fight my sophomore year of high school. In my senior year, after I got saved, I messaged her on myspace asking if she could possibly forgive me for hurting her. She said yes and we began having little 5 minute conversations daily. My guard was still up and I prayed to God for us to be the way we were. Then I found out, I couldn’t be as honest with her as I once could. Something changed in her that wasn’t what I thought was in my best friend. She wasn’t a positive influence in my life any longer. I found our conversations lasting only minutes and when she asked me to be honest with her she completely freaked out. We haven’t talked since then.

I never felt that much hurt. I thought my one and only great friend was gone. Then God started bringing new people into my life. People who had such potential to be amazing influential friends, yet I couldn’t see it.

It took until the past couple weeks  for me to start to realize the great amount of friends I have in my life. Friends I can turn to when things get really tough and overwhelming. I’m just so thankful for the people God has been bringing into my life in a more impacting way. They’ve been in my life for a couple years but NOW more than ever God has been using them to really let me know that no matter what I am currently going through, everything is going to be ok. I’m just so thankful for god opening my eyes to the wonderful things in life, things I thought I had lost forever.

So to all my friends still in my life, I thank you so very much for being there for me over the years. It means more than you can imagine.



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